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Product Highlight: Babyganics

Order the best American products for your child

From baby lotion to laundry detergent, dish soap to diapers and more. Babyganics is made by parents for parents.

All Babyganics products are rigorously tested so when you bring it home to your family, you know it will work just as promised. Does the product rinse? Clean? Sanitize? Protect? Moisturize? Heal?…Will it last? Resist contamination? Is it affordably priced? And is it safe to use around babies?

Babyganics lives up to our strict standards.

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About Trusu

We are a group of expats in Hong Kong that want easy and affordable access to buy the products we love from back home. Snacks, foods, health products, and other daily essentials that we miss are either not found in Hong Kong, or are too expensive to buy. We were faced with bad alternatives such as overpriced grocery stores, or expensive package forwarding companies. 

We believe that today, with the help of technology, anyone should be able to buy anything from around the world at an affordable price. We are on a mission to make international commerce seamless. 

This is why we started Trusu.